Welcome to Warfront

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Our vision is to provide an intense, exciting player experience and solid server stability, something many servers lack. We strive to offer players a unique experience both in PvP and PvE. We don’t want it to be fun only for some, but fun for everyone. Last but not least, being avid lovers of the game since 2003, making the game a fun and safe place, as it is paramount and at the heart of the SWG Warfront dev team. We understand what players want and what matters to them.

Galactic Civil War & Force Ranking System

Being rather PvP centric, we have a GCW profession system that benefits players engaging in PvP. These skills can be purchased at no skill point cost and progressing through these professions requires experienced gain by killing other players. Be aware, however, joining the Galactic Civil War will make you permanently overt and attackable by opposing faction members who are also overt, of which is also the case when progressing through the Force Ranking System. Enhance your Jedi skills and defenses, gain rewards, and set yourself apart by climbing the FRS ranks!

Intense & Unique PvP Experience

Take part in epic player vs player battles with a community that knows and loves PvP. Rank up through our custom GCW professions that give your character the edge in PvP battles. Bring everything you can muster and support your faction!

We’ve tweaked our professions to make all combat classes fun in player vs player battles, and it doesn’t take long to master professions with our increased XP rates of 5x solo and 10x grouped!

Major Quality Of Life Adjustments

Warfront has introduced many quality of life adjustments, including but not limited to, increased vehicle speed for specific vehicles, full entertainer buffs (dance and music) by only watching / listening once, no need for both, four hour village phases, increased experience point gain, and much more!

Quickly progress to end-game content and engage in the real fun in which Warfront provides!

Original & Custom Bounty Systems

Similarly to ‘Live’, a Bounty Hunter can choose to accept missions for player targets. Hunting Jedi Padawans does not have a TEF, so the hunt is solo.However, hunting a Jedi Knight in the FRS will allow both the targets group and the bounty hunters group to flag into combat. Additionally, when a player is killed by another player, that player can choose to put a bounty on their attackers head with a price of their choosing.

Imported CU And NGE Content

We’ve brought in loads of content from the CU and NGE, giving you the best of both worlds.

We’ve implemented dungeons that existed in these versions of the game, and they’re instanced! No other server has a legitimate instance system such as ours! Weapons, armor, animations, and much more has been brought into Warfront.

Become Part Of The Community

Join a community that has a broad range of like minded indvidiuals ranging in all ages, all of whom are welcoming and helpful to new players! Latch on to what our community has to offer, spend some time in the cantina, join us in Discord, or on Facebook! The people you affiliate yourself with are what make this game what it is.

Also, with the understanding that people want to have fun, we listen to our community when it comes to change… Voice your opinion!