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Patch Notes – 11/24/2018

Jedi Balance Patch





  • +5 ls toughness to master powers
  • Removed 5 block from mls added it to xxx1 ls
  • 4444 boxes of defender+ master defender received +1 ls and Jedi toughness
  • you must unlearn and relearn these skill boxes in order for your skill sheet to update
  • Healallother1 -225 fc 1000 heal
  • Healallother2- 375 (down from 550) fc 2500 heal
  • Healallself1-150/1000
  • Healallself2- 250/2000 (upped from 1500)
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 11/17/2018

    Please close all game windows and restart your launchers before logging back in!


    Axkva Min and the Nightsisters:


    Possessing a Codex of Tython fragment, Axkva Min and her loyal followers have been locked away in the Chamber of Banishment, guarded by their own Nightsisters. If Axkva were to escape and attempt to use the historic Jedi Holocron, the effects on the planet and galaxy could be catastrophic… Axkva Min and her followers need to be destroyed and the artifact must be retrieved before it’s too late.


    The gateway to the Chamber of Banishment is located deep within the Dathomir Nighsisters stronghold and is heavily protected. Fight your way in and help me put an end to Axkva’s threat once and for all!


    -Sarguillo (more…)

    Patch Notes – 11/02/2018



  • New website, now in WordPress
  • Self account registration
  • Discord / Game chat integration
  • Discord roles – type $roles for more info
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    Axkva Min teaser video


    While Axkva possesses a Codex of Tython fragment, a historic Jedi Holocron, she is held captive in the Chamber of Banishment. The Alliance restoring the Republic is coming after her using the Key of Exile to gain entrance to the chamber in which Sarguillo currently possesses. Before he can acquire the fragment, the crystal that enslaves Axkva must be destroyed as well as the Nightsisters guarding it. Assist Sarguillo and save the galaxy from Axkva’s wrath…


    Coming Soon to SWG:WarFront! Beta v1 Now available on the Warfront Test Center.


    Discord test post

    does it work?

    Development Roadmap — September-November 2018

  • Create public repo-begin additional promo (Complete)
  • Migrate to new website-done (Complete)
  • Prep to migrate to new server provider (Complete)
  • Welcome new member to Dev team “Sudo” – server administration specialist, management, and security.
  • CSR Deimos promotion to community manager role.
  • Server build/upgrade (Complete, migration scheduled)
  • Migrate Warfront live server to new provider-last week of September (Scheduled for 9/28/18)
  • Set up discord in game chat (In-Progress)

    Continue work on custom PvE and release new content.

  • Quality of life adjustments to current content but then moving on and using improvements for new content, loot, progression, etc
  • Scalable content based off of group size (solo-30+)
  • Planetary city and galaxy boss encounter/invasion events.
  • First wave will revolve around Tatooine, The sand people, Darth Krayt, and his disciples. (In progress)
  • Creation of new zone, new dungeons, and new encounters (In-Progress)
  • New loot and new crafts including weapons and armor
  • Migrate more/new deco NGE etc

    PvP content

  • Rebuild Endor PvP invasion event. More PvP less impact from PvE.
  • Create GCW Warfront com system for elite PvP rewards.
  • Rework loot tables and bosses/npcs.
  • Expand to planetary GCW control points/events/invasions
  • Promote open world PvP and objectives/control
  • Continue balance of combat/classes/gear
  • Finalize knight TEF reworks and fixes
  • FRS and GCW specific crafts and gear

    As always, bug fixing and quality of life adjustments are always priority. We will continue to address the list of known issues as they crop up.

    Last updated 9/27/18

    Patch Notes – 10/29/2018


  • Ticket Collectors now have an option to port directly to Nova Orion.
  • Many files and objects for future instances and rewards.
  • Patch Notes – 10/27/2018




  • dedicated login server
  • dedicated database server
  • dedicated test center server
  • Patch Notes – 10/22/2018

    When Imperial science tests go horribly wrong, a dangerous virus was released inside the facility. According to final reports, after the virus was released, the facility was attacked from the inside. Contact with the facility has since been lost.


    It is crucial that the virus does not spread. Head to the facility, contain the infection, wipe out all those affected and secure the lab.


  • Warfront holiday event is now live! Join the open instance directly out front of the Mos Eisley Star Port.
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 10/17/2018


  • IG-88 (open Arena) -can be found on Lok
  • Spawns outside IG open instance.
  • IG-88 (group 8+) -can be found in Mos Eisley


  • Nova-Orion Buff Strengths (ent/doc)