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Patch Notes – 12/10/2018


Combat Balancing v2, Darth Krayt & Quality of Life Update




Darth Krayt scans the desert horizon, it’s been weeks of attacks on the Tatooine cities carried out by his disciples. His ranks have thinned a bit, but they are now stronger than ever. Most importantly, the Imperial and Rebel forces have become weaker and predictable under the constant Tusken attacks. “Now is the time.” Krayt says as he turns back to to his impressive legion. “We ride to Mos Espa!”



  • Darth Krayt invasion is now live.
  • Defeating Tusken bosses in 3 cities will proc the Darth Krayt Event in Mos Espa
  • new enemies, encounters and new loot such as Knight 1h and 2h sabers


  • During the Axkva phase of the night sister instance, players may be targeted and trapped in crystals. Break the crystals to save your companions.
  • Flawless crystals added to drops

    Combat Balancing v.2

  • Polearm area 2 modifier increased from 2.75 to 3.0, in addition area range is increased from 8 meters to 10 meters and state Chance has been increased to match similar melee skills
  • Polearm hit 3 modifier increased from 4.0 to 4.5
  • Polearm leg hit 3 modifier increased from 3.25 to 3.75
  • Counter attack set to .75
  • 1h scatter hit 2 modifier reduced from 5.0 to 4.5
  • 2h head hit 3 modifier reduced from 3.5 to 3.25
  • Remote detonator to no longer require special heavy weapon
  • Master pistoleer Multi target pistol shot range at 25 meter aoe but increased blind chance
  • Panic shot- damage removed. 20 meter cone attack delay to target
  • Low blow can now apply dizzy
  • Heavy lightning beam- 96 meter range, -30 max range accuracy
  • Heavy particle beam- 96 meter range, 20 max range accuracy
  • Heavy rocket launcher- 96 meter range, -40 max range accuracy
  • Thermal detonator and imperial detonator can now be crafted with acklay venom

    Quality of life

  • City Maintenance has been massively reduced, closer to live values
  • building storage increased by lot size
  • disabled speeders can now be repaired via garages
  • Check in place for TEF when porting to nova to avoid getting lost in space
  • Can now shuttle to multiple destinations from Nova Orion
  • clean up and polish work, stability work
  • Vendor item listing has been extended to 60 days
  • Patch Notes – 11/24/2018

    Jedi Balance Patch





  • +5 ls toughness to master powers
  • Removed 5 block from mls added it to xxx1 ls
  • 4444 boxes of defender+ master defender received +1 ls and Jedi toughness
  • you must unlearn and relearn these skill boxes in order for your skill sheet to update
  • Healallother1 -225 fc 1000 heal
  • Healallother2- 375 (down from 550) fc 2500 heal
  • Healallself1-150/1000
  • Healallself2- 250/2000 (upped from 1500)
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 11/17/2018

    Please close all game windows and restart your launchers before logging back in!


    Axkva Min and the Nightsisters:


    Possessing a Codex of Tython fragment, Axkva Min and her loyal followers have been locked away in the Chamber of Banishment, guarded by their own Nightsisters. If Axkva were to escape and attempt to use the historic Jedi Holocron, the effects on the planet and galaxy could be catastrophic… Axkva Min and her followers need to be destroyed and the artifact must be retrieved before it’s too late.


    The gateway to the Chamber of Banishment is located deep within the Dathomir Nighsisters stronghold and is heavily protected. Fight your way in and help me put an end to Axkva’s threat once and for all!


    -Sarguillo (more…)

    Patch Notes – 11/02/2018



  • New website, now in WordPress
  • Self account registration
  • Discord / Game chat integration
  • Discord roles – type $roles for more info
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 10/29/2018


  • Ticket Collectors now have an option to port directly to Nova Orion.
  • Many files and objects for future instances and rewards.
  • Patch Notes – 10/27/2018




  • dedicated login server
  • dedicated database server
  • dedicated test center server
  • Patch Notes – 10/22/2018

    When Imperial science tests go horribly wrong, a dangerous virus was released inside the facility. According to final reports, after the virus was released, the facility was attacked from the inside. Contact with the facility has since been lost.


    It is crucial that the virus does not spread. Head to the facility, contain the infection, wipe out all those affected and secure the lab.


  • Warfront holiday event is now live! Join the open instance directly out front of the Mos Eisley Star Port.
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 10/17/2018


  • IG-88 (open Arena) -can be found on Lok
  • Spawns outside IG open instance.
  • IG-88 (group 8+) -can be found in Mos Eisley


  • Nova-Orion Buff Strengths (ent/doc)
  • Patch Notes – 10/15/2018


  • Ihelp -Instance Screenplay Development tool.
  • Locking cells to Theed test instance.
  • More NPC’s to Theed test, now includes area, group, static and forced Scalable NPC’s.
  • Theed test now has a 30min lockTimer.
  • Continued Instance logic & radial work.
  • Developer tool groundwork for live instance management.
  • (more…)

    Patch Notes – 10/12/2018


  • Several quality of life features to instance porter radials for staff and players. (More to come)
  • Elite 5 rancor to Theed Palace test instance