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Patch Notes – 10/29/2018


  • Ticket Collectors now have an option to port directly to Nova Orion.
  • Many files and objects for future instances and rewards.
  • Patch Notes – 10/27/2018




  • dedicated login server
  • dedicated database server
  • dedicated test center server
  • Patch Notes – 10/22/2018

    When Imperial science tests go horribly wrong, a dangerous virus was released inside the facility. According to final reports, after the virus was released, the facility was attacked from the inside. Contact with the facility has since been lost.


    It is crucial that the virus does not spread. Head to the facility, contain the infection, wipe out all those affected and secure the lab.


  • Warfront holiday event is now live! Join the open instance directly out front of the Mos Eisley Star Port.
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    Patch Notes – 10/17/2018


  • IG-88 (open Arena) -can be found on Lok
  • Spawns outside IG open instance.
  • IG-88 (group 8+) -can be found in Mos Eisley


  • Nova-Orion Buff Strengths (ent/doc)
  • Patch Notes – 10/15/2018


  • Ihelp -Instance Screenplay Development tool.
  • Locking cells to Theed test instance.
  • More NPC’s to Theed test, now includes area, group, static and forced Scalable NPC’s.
  • Theed test now has a 30min lockTimer.
  • Continued Instance logic & radial work.
  • Developer tool groundwork for live instance management.
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    Patch Notes – 10/12/2018


  • Several quality of life features to instance porter radials for staff and players. (More to come)
  • Elite 5 rancor to Theed Palace test instance
  • Patch Notes – 10/10/2018

    Instance Hot-patch:




  • Group member entry bug
  • Lockout Timers


  • Instance radials
  • Daily solo NPCs & loot
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    Patch Notes – 10/08/2018


  • More restart script adjustments

    Warfront Instance Handler Beta:

  • added: group instancing
  • added: solo instancing
  • added: open world instancing
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    Patch Notes – 10/05/2018


  • New scripts added for additional crash logging


  • Anti crash / stability updates
  • Preparation work for upcoming new content
  • /unstick command implemented for getting you out of bad places
  • Patch Notes – 10/01/2018

    Instance Handler

  • Many quality of life features added
  • Several instances placed in Mos eisley for testing
  • Added Porter subsystem
  • Added test subsystem

    Travel and training

  • Costs have been greatly reduced
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