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Patch Notes – 10/10/2018

Instance Hot-patch:




  • Group member entry bug
  • Lockout Timers


  • Instance radials
  • Daily solo NPCs & loot
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    Patch Notes – 10/08/2018


  • More restart script adjustments

    Warfront Instance Handler Beta:

  • added: group instancing
  • added: solo instancing
  • added: open world instancing
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    Patch Notes – 10/05/2018


  • New scripts added for additional crash logging


  • Anti crash / stability updates
  • Preparation work for upcoming new content
  • /unstick command implemented for getting you out of bad places
  • Patch Notes – 10/01/2018

    Instance Handler

  • Many quality of life features added
  • Several instances placed in Mos eisley for testing
  • Added Porter subsystem
  • Added test subsystem

    Travel and training

  • Costs have been greatly reduced
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    Patch Notes – 09/21/2018

    **Galactic Transmission**
    Tatooine- All Troops and citizens be on high alert. Tusken Raider Brutes have been seen in close proximity to Mos Eisley. These primitive savages usually stay in the deep desert and are known for raiding small settlements. It’s been reported they’ve somehow been armed with more modern weaponry and may be mobilizing. Intentions are unknown at this time but intel points to an imminent attack.
    **End Broadcast**


    “It’s been two decades since the Imperial take over and the Jedi purge. Darth Krayt, once known as Jedi Knight A’Sharad Hett, sits on his tusken throne. His ability to hide amongst these savages and lead them has so far been successful. The tuskens have shown potential and the force touches all living things, even them. As the Empire gains more footing on Tatooine and the Hutt cartel seems to buckle under their rule, it’s time to take back the planet. His eyes are set on Mos Eisley. He sends one of his most promising Disciples and a tusken squadron to test the Imperial ranks and to take the city. It’s not yet time to unveil himself or his true motives…”


    Patch Notes – 09/17/2018

  • stability work
  • launcher/website migration work. Warfront homepage is now swgwarfront.com
  • prep work for future content
  • Patch Notes – 09/13/2018

  • Yellow, exceptional, legendary mods and drop rates to match original notes. 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x and 1 in 1000/2500/5000 respectively
  • Additional checks to ensure GCW players are overt after death
  • More work to faction base mine accuracy
  • Faction base large block and large dish turret resist adjustments to balance option of defenses

    WFboss: Released

  • Leash System now attempts to correct before leashing. NPC will look for targets in leash range and dump aggro of threats outside leash range.
  • Adds now have 5 spawn modes.
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    Patch Notes – 09/10/2018

  • City update: medical, manufacturing, research and improved job market city specialization costs have been reduced by half.
  • Strong hold costs remain the same, however they now get full benefits for med buff, mind buff, experimentation, and assembly in addition to current stats.
  • Endor weekend Pvp invasion event has been disabled and will be seen in the future.
  • Endor PvP zone continues to exist. A temporary single boss will spawn every 3 hours.
  • Armor crafts phase 1: chitin, comp, infiltrator, Mandalorian, spec force armor to all craft with proper encumbrance if they previously did not

  • Players that have a gcw novice box will now be perma overt
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    Patch Notes – 09/07/2018

    Warfront Weekend Event

  • A thought to be abandoned city in the northwest sector of endor has caught the attention of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Both factions look to control this lost city to gain leverage in the war. News of this location has also spread through the underworld. As many factions look to expand their territory, the Endor Warfront begins….
  • New Endor Warfront zone (beta) is now open for the weekend!
  • Once every hour, two Death Watch Guards will be seen wandering the middle of the Endor Warfront. Killing them will trigger the invasion event.
  • 3 waves and 3 mini bosses will spawn in succession, survive these and face the final encounter to claim victory! (west, east, north, south)
  • Fight for your faction and compete for PvP Currency and Weekend loot
  • Factional pilots have been added to Mos Eisley, CNet, and Theed. These factional pilots will fly you direct to a list of locations in exchange for faction points. Flight to the Warfront is free as long as you have positive faction points.


    Patch Notes – 08/31/2018

  • Added AA_man, Altered Archive Manager (development tool)
  • forced screenplay loading order.

  • Added WFnav, spawn tool.
  • Z elevation forecasting.
  • more features planned

  • Added WFboss , spawn utility/manager
  • spawns trigger-mobiles from pointer.
  • (more…)