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How To Play

Installation Instructions


  1. Create an account here, or create it in the launcher, your choice.
  2. Install SWG on your computer
  3. Download our Launcher here
  4. Right click the installer and “Run As Administrator”, click “yes” if prompted
  5. Click “Install from SWG” and browse to where SWG is installed, then click “Select Folder”
  6. Wait for it to finish updating
  7. Play


Optional, but recommended:


  1. Click “Game Settings” and open the “Graphics” tab, then select your desired resolution. Go to the “Game” tab, check”Skip Intro Sequence”.
  2. In the launcher, set your FPS to 60 (If your PC can handle it)
  3. Set your desired max zoom
  4. Set the maximum RAM you will allow the game to consume