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Axkva Min Instance Run Hosted by REB 6/30/2019
Axkva Min Instance Run to kick off the following DEV Q&A Event and hang out Sunday June 30th 2019 Join Today at www.SWGWarfront.com.
SWG:WARFRONT: Introductory Tutorial To Arenas *NOW LIVE*
Arenas are now live! Get in, Queue up, get matched and FIGHT! Get started today at www.SWGWarfront.com.
SWG:Warfront "Arenas are Coming" April 2019
PvP Arenas are almost here! Get started Today at www.SWGWarfront.com.
Warfront Test Center Arena Teaser *Coming soon*
Warfront Test Center Arena Teaser *Coming soon* Small glimpse at the arena que and combat systems. We are still in early stages, expect many changes, new ...
"A Day in The Life on SWG:Warfront" Join Today!
As a wrap up to the first 6 months since SWG:Warfont went live, we present: "A Day in The Life on SWG:Warfront" featuring elements of our custom features ...
An SWG:Warfront Story: Happy New Year 2019!
Written, Directed, and Produced by RARITY A day in the life on SWG:Warfront. Happy New Year to you all! There's much more to come in 2019! Start your ...
Warfront Life Day 2018
Join us on Warfront and get festive this Holiday season. Celebrating Life Day through the end of the year! www.SWGWarfront.com.
SWG:WarFront "The Nova Orion and The Daily Solo Instance"
"New, The Nova Orion and The Daily Solo Instance" Footage Credit: Six (TRM) Start your adventure today at www.SWGWarfront.com.
SWG:WarFront Nightsister Instance Teaser
Coming soon to SWG:Warfront- Axkva Min Nightsister Heroic Instance. Beta v.1 now available on the Warfront test center. Join Today WWW.SWGWARFRONT.
SWG:Warfront PVP Invasion Testing
Late Night Rough Draft mechanic testing of Warfront Invasions in the Endor Warfront PvP Zone with Nexxus Join Today: SWGWarfront.online.