Publish 10 Release Notes
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Publish 10 Release Notes Follow the link for SWGEMU official Publish 10 patch notes. As always, we thank them for their hard work. In addition to those notes many things have been added, changed or adjusted in the process to specifically fit Warfront's needs. General -Pvp Season 1 has ended. Upon log in with pub10 and Season 2, all boxes above gcw novice and frs novice will be removed. In addition, any banked gcw or frs xp will be reduced to 15k. -Squad Leader: Group members of different faction should no longer initiate but still propagate tefs. -PVP Death Debuff: Should now only block actions to & from Player targets & pets. -Fixed: Fight Club flags on environmental/self-deaths -Added: Warfront Mechanics *Including "Brand New" npc add mechanics and systems. -Added: Several new Creatures, 2 implemented (Blackwing Gibbit & Blackwing Slug) -Added: new add mechanics (Healer type 1) & (Healer Hunter type 1) -Added: Many Mustafar dependencies/objects for upcoming content and area. -overall loot balancing -old looted IG88 weapons (pistol, 1h, rifle, etc) are no longer useable and have been replaced with crafts -new crafts and loot item -new Permafrost Power Crystal -new vehicles, mounts, ships -removed voting/challenge system from FRS. Updated Warfront method on terminals for ranking up. -Armor Decay increased -Weapon Decay increased -Crystal Decay increased -color change options added to instruments -color change option system to tangible objects -Mutated Gibbits and Standard Gibbits added as rare spawn to Blackwing and standard Rancor lairs -Global Xp rates have been set to 3x solo and 5x grouped -Buff Terminal removed from War Room -Vehicle Storage has been increased to 10 Content -Mustafar is now live. World spawns and resources are available. Instances to follow in the following weeks. -Geo Cave: Has been updated with new methods. Acklay fight is now a scripted encounter and has has seen loot adjustments and additions to match. -DWB: Also updated and cleaned up. Blackwing Rancor fight is now a scripted encounter and has has seen loot adjustments and additions to match. -IG88 Arena: Loot table reworks and additions -PvE and PvP currency vendors have been reworked and simplified. Components and schematics can now be found in content around the galaxy. You can continue to spend your ---PvP and PvE Currency on Loot Boxes and the PvP/PvE buff bracelets as well as the existing factional armor schematics. Combat First step in the merge was to put Warfront combat balance back in place. Starting from there, we have made some changes and additions for Season 2.

Jedi -Added new passive skill “Saber Reflect” chance on successful Saber Block to reflect the bolt back at the attacker(s). There is a reduction to both chance and damage in PvP. -moved 5 LS Toughness from Lightsaber Master to xxx2 Lightsaber box -Jedi Toughness now gives a +15% bonus in PvE -FA2 upped Param to cost from .07 to .08 -Phantom and Flurry balanced out State chances FRS -New skills at rank 1 and 5. Force shroud and force storm -added Lightsaber Toughness at select FRS milestones -Smoothed out Force regen, Force pool gains, and general scaling through FRS progression to create more fluent leveling -Force Resist States removed FRS bonus effect and set at competitive flat rate GCW -GCW Smuggler Increased Def vs skills, added Dirty Tricks to rank 7 -GCW BH Increased Def vs skills, Added Escape to Rank 5 and new skill Venom Dart to Rank 7 -GCW Medic Removed GasCloud, Moved Stasis to Rank 1, Added Snaptic Boost to Rank 5 -GCW Commando added Escape to Rank 7 -GCW Brawler added Escape to Rank 1 and Crippling Vortex to Rank 5 -GCW Squad Leader increased Defense vs skills and Melee/Range Defense skills, Added Inspiration to Rank 5 and Poison Gas Cloud to Rank 7 General -BurstShot 2 multi from 4.0 to 4.5 -Strafe2 multi from 5.0 to 4.5 -PolearmLegHit3 multi from 3.75 to 3.25 -1HBlind2 state blind duration lowered from 50 to 30 -To Hit Accuracy refactored -Secondary Defense chance increased -Blind modifiers Increased ** As always, Pvp, PvE, and general play styles and compositions are always changing. Combat is continually addressed to make sure we uphold the Warfront standard. ** Publish 10 is just the start of a new and exciting era here at SWG:Warfront. We thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you out there! -Warfront Development and Staff

TC Patch Notes - 7/25/19
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  • Warfront Mechanics to DWB Blackwing Rancor Boss, *Including "Brand New" NPC's, mechanics, and systems.
  • Several new creatures, 2 implemented (Blackwing Gibbit & Blackwing Slug)
  • 2 new ELITE sub-components (not yet implemented)
  • New add mechanics (Healer type 1) & (Healer Hunter type 1)
  • Many Mustafar dependencies/objects for upcoming content and area.
  • Chance to REFLECT on sabre-block.


  • Fight club flags on environmental/self deaths
  • New mobiles no longer invisible
  • Faction recruiter should work properly
  • Double spawns in Mos Eisley should be gone


  • Jedi-toughness PVE modifier +15%