Please note:

Where possible, depending on the nature and severity of the offence we will endeavour to work with you and discuss any breach of the below rules and come to an amicable decision.

In other circumstances bans will be imposed:
24hr Ban: A temporary suspension of your account and all characters
72 hr Ban: A temporary suspension of your account and all characters

Any ban that qualifies for more than 72 hours, will be assessed on an individual basis which can lead to a lengthy suspension of an account and or permanent suspension/deletion of an account, without the rights to be granted an account again in the future.


1.1 You must be in possession of the original Star Wars Galaxies game
1.2 Five character slots and a maximum of two characters allowed online at any given time


2.1 Multiple account requests must come from the primary account holder
2.3 There is a maximum of 2 accounts permitted per house hold
2.4 To qualify for a second account, email stating the reason for your second account along with your username and password. You must also provide evidence that you possess two genuine copies of the Star Wars Galaxies
2.5 You may not have two accounts being played on from the same IP address as your primary account
2.6 Your second account must be associated with a different IP address and must be in the same household as your primary accountAny unauthorized accounts will be banned and or immediately deleted without notice


3.1 Your account is your responsibility. Never share or give your account information to another player such as a guild member or unauthorized staff. We will never request access to your account.
3.2 If you require a staff member to access your account to help with an in-game issue, you must initiate this by sending a request in writing to
3.3 Do NOT pass on your details in-game or via any other form of communication such as Discord, the forums or Facebook.
3.4 Any items or credits lost is on you. SWG Warfront will not accept any liability and replacements will not be issued if you are found to be in breach of section 3.1
3.5 If your account is compromised, your account may be suspended whilst we conduct an investigation.


Real life monetary trades for in-game credits and items, including items from other games or emulated servers and real life items is strictly forbidden. All accounts and characters will be immediately suspended until a full investigation is carried out. If it is deemed that the account holder is in breach, the account will be deleted, and the account holder permanently banned


5.1 When naming your character or guild it must reflect the theme of the game. Guidelines listed below outline the types of names you cannot use.

The following types of names are prohibited:

5.2.1 Vile, profane, rude, or racist names including common swear words, anatomical references, racial slurs, and homonyms of these words
5.2.2 Combinations of words that produce an offensive result
5.2.3 Names of religious, occult, or significant historic origin
5.2.6 Trademarked names of products, services, or concepts
5.2.7 Names of famous people, fictional and non-fictional
5.2.8 Use of DEV, GM and CSR in your name
5.2.9 References to drug substances or drug related paraphernalia
5.3 For all of the above, misspellings, alternative spellings (This includes staff names), compound words, partial words, abbreviations with clear established meaning are also unacceptable.
5.4 Any account with a username in breach of the above will be suspended and/or deleted immediately, without any prior notice until it has been rectified by a member of staff. This also includes items and structures.
5.5If guild names are found to be in breach of the above, you will be given 24 hours to change the guild name. After which we will intervene and undertake this on your behalf. Depending on the severity of the offence we will intervene immediately without any prior notice.
5.6 Items found to be in breach of the above will be permanently deleted regardless if the person is not the original owner of the item.


6.1 Do not harass, insult, badger, bully, threaten, intentionally annoy, irritate, or rush other players.
6.2 Do not kite hostile NPC’s and or creatures with intentions to attack another player.
6.3 Camping or harassing other players as per 6.1 to steal their kill and or intimidate is prohibited.
6.4 Do not attempt to scam other players or undertake any type other fraudulent activities
6.5 Do not use any sexually explicit, vulgar, obscene, rude, harmful, disturbing, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, inflammatory, racially or ethnically offensive language and/or images. No exceptions for abbreviated or misspelled words with clear intended meaning as per our Character Guilds and Item Naming rules
6.6 You may not create nor use more than one account on SWG Warfront. Only one account per player is allowed. Please read our Multiple Account rules
6.7 You may not post links to any websites or apps with content that would violate these Community Standards
6.8 Do not send any unsolicited mass messages (Such as spamming using in-game chat, email or Discord) to any other SWG Warfront Player(s)
6.9 Recruitment for advertising or otherwise to promote other websites and gaming servers, products and/or services is not permitted. Unsolicited religious propaganda is also not allowed
6.10 Do not impersonate any SWG Warfront staff, nor claim to act on behalf of SWG Warfront
6.11 This includes reporting bug deaths, item loss, or fraudulently accusing other players of wrongdoing
6.12 If you are unhappy with the way an issue has been handled and or resolved, you may request a review by sending an email to Likewise, you have the rights to submit a formal complaint via the same method
6.13 Personnel abuse towards any Staff Member, one offs or excessive tells will not be tolerated. Rules of Conduct and Community Standards applies to everyone
6.14 If you are found to be in possession of an item that is not yours and with no evidence of consent, it may lead to your account being suspended or banned under our Rules
6.15 Do not pretend to be someone else with the purpose of deceiving, or intentionally misleading other users
6.16 If your account is suspended or if your private messaging and/or forum posting privileges are revoked, you may not use other users’ accounts to get around the ban. You may not help other users with suspended accounts and/or revoked messaging/forum posting privileges to get around their ban
6.17 You may not post a new message or start a new message thread in the forums with the sole purpose of addressing the player who is ignoring you (unless you are replying within the general topic of the forum discussion already in progress). You may not ask someone else to contact the player who is ignoring you on your behalf, nor help another player to get around the ignore list
6.18 Do not violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, and any regulations having the force of law


Using chat spam for advertising and or emotes within Cities, Canteens, Player Surroundings is allowed so long as the below rules are followed Rules are simple:

7.1 All chat spam must be kept to 15-minute intervals by implementing a /pause in your Macro
7.2 Always check your macro to ensure that its working correctly
7.3 Plan your wording and try and keep contents to a decent length

If you breech the above rules, the following will be applied:

1st Offence: A Member of Staff will contact you and request that you amend your macro. If there is no response from you within 5 minutes, you will be muted until we receive contact from you
2nd Offence: A Member of Staff will contact you and request that you amend your macro. If there is no response from you within 5 minutes, you will be muted, kicked from the server and a 24hr ban will be imposed on your account
3rd Offence: No warning given. Your character will be kicked from the server and a 72hr ban will be imposed on your account
4th Offence: No warning given. Your character will be kicked from the server. The length of the ban will be assessed on an individual basis, which could result in a lengthy ban or permanent ban If you leave your character AFK, there is no excuse. The above rules will still apply


On warfront we have a 0 tolerance for fight clubbing and punishments will reflect that. We do understand accidents do happen and in case of this you must contact staff immediately Punishments will apply to the person fight clubbing as well as anyone that aids them in doing so.

8.1 First offence: 24 hr character suspension, FRS ranking and xp reset
8.2 Second offence: 72 hr character suspension, FRS ranking and xp reset
8.3 Third offence: Infinite ban on character meaning you will lose that character slot
8.4 Forth offence: Permanent ban on your account