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  1. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/16/2019

    Love-Day Solo: - Chests Now Spawn @ Boss locations on boss Death (bonus chest remains by exit) - Reward Chest drops amended to include less junk and greater odds of deco - HAM, Armor and XP reduced in Candy Graul - XP reduced on candy pharple - HAM reduced on Pigmy Cupid - Firestar Carbine...
  2. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/11/19

    Expanded on kill reporting and fight club detection Removed unwanted values in force drain causing larger than intended drains, drain for now does 50% more at master Enhancer and drains 50% less vs a Master Enhancer for a max of 150 possible return Force resist states 60 > 50 as this was making...
  3. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/7/2019

    Apologies in advance for the formatting, I have to go to bed. I'll fix it tomorrow. Patch notes 2/7 New Player species added! -account character limit increased to 8 -online character count increased to 3 (Staff cannot and will not do race changes for existing character) All wearables and...
  4. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/3/2019

    General: Experience: Jedi Rebalanced all FRS scaling abilities to be the same across all ranks (you may be required to drop a skill and relearn a skill to gain benefit of the new FRS tables) FRS group split should now be higher and less punishing for deaths Character Animations Speed...
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    Server Development Spreadsheet

    Simple feature requests would go to the appropriate forum: The proposals tab exists for complete rough draft systems that have been drafted out and submitted to us. While we value everyone's feedback and ideas, we have a lot on our plate and those ideas...
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    Maybe one day I'll get a gallery added for these, but for now....
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    New Account

    Hey, I PM'd you regarding this, but just make sure you created a game account too because the forum is a separate login. Game account registration link:
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    Patch Notes - 2/1/2019

    Server: Packet limitations to game server and login server applied to router firewall MTU for switch uplinks increased to 9216 to resolve L3MTU and TTL errors (Cause of recent packet loss) General: Disabled Holiday Events Disabled Endor PvP zone and buff terminals Systems: QOL: CSR and PvP...
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    Server Development Spreadsheet

    For all who are interested, here is a spreadsheet we will be documenting developmental work on for all to see and follow.
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    Fifth Generation Lightsaber Resource Qualities

    I've had a couple of requests for what particular attributes on resources were needed to make server best sabers since the modifiers window doesn't populate them. Here you are: Lightsaber Crystal Pack Stats on resources do not matter Lightsaber Blade Emitter Wound Chance UT 100%...
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    just an idea

    I'm going to try and schedule events on my off days, keep everyone entertained, get videos pumping, etc etc.
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    Warfront 6 Month Anniversary

    Warfront's 6 month Anniversary is coming up this weekend! Watch for PvE and PvP events, dance parties, and celebrations up in Nova Orion and hang out with the devs. We’re just getting started, come learn about what the future has in store. Big thanks to all of our wonderful players new and old...
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    just an idea

    Yes, sorry about that, we have no excuse. We'll get something posted today, and we'll try to notify you guys sooner of stuff like this.
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    just an idea

    Hey guys, I've spoken with the rest of the team and we do not feel a wipe is necessary. While we are stoked you guys are coming back to Warfront, we have loyal people who have stuck with us through rough times, and wiping the server would essentially punish those who stayed and supported us...
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    Patch Notes – 12/18/2018

    Life Day Holiday Solo instance now live in CNET. Earn holiday currency to your chance limited edition holiday items. 8 hour lock out. Life-Day Mini-Game: Presents will spawn in wilderness area outside Eisley, Theed, and Coronet. Presents despawn in 5 minutes and will respawn 1minute after...
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    Forum and Discord rules

    These are the general rules that apply to both the forums and Discord. The message this portrays is simple, just be an adult, at least for the most part. No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS. No text walls or a large paragraphs of text. Make a thread on the...
  18. Sudo

    Patch Notes – 12/10/2018

    Combat Balancing v2, Darth Krayt & Quality of Life Update Darth Krayt scans the desert horizon, it’s been weeks of attacks on the Tatooine cities carried out by his disciples. His ranks have thinned a bit, but they are now stronger than ever. Most importantly, the Imperial and Rebel forces...
  19. Sudo

    Patch Notes – 11/24/2018

    Jedi Balance Patch Balancing: +5 ls toughness to master powers Removed 5 block from mls added it to xxx1 ls 4444 boxes of defender+ master defender received +1 ls and Jedi toughness you must unlearn and relearn these skill boxes in order for your skill sheet to update Healallother1 -225 fc...
  20. Sudo

    Patch Notes – 11/17/2018

    Please close all game windows and restart your launchers before logging back in! Axkva Min and the Nightsisters: "Possessing a Codex of Tython fragment, Axkva Min and her loyal followers have been locked away in the Chamber of Banishment, guarded by their own Nightsisters. If Axkva were to...