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  1. Sudo

    need account activated plz

    Hi there, Your game account and forum account are different. For creating game accounts, please use the following URL: Please also ensure you complete the captcha at the bottom or your game account will not be created. Please let us know if you continue to...
  2. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 05/08/2019

    - PvP and PvE vendor update and consolidation - Removed armor and clothing attachments options - Removed ranged, melee and cm component options - Condensed weapon schematic sections to one schematic per type (ie ua,1h,2, pike and pistol, carb rifle) - Removed bandit 1h, tulrus 2h, blaster fist...
  3. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 05/05/2019

    Added: - Architect: * Deco Boxes. 2 Random Deco Boxes types (Tatooine & modern). * 5 Craftable NGE Housing Schematics (1 drops from each system rare boss). * Hanging Plant Schematic Skill (Master Architect). Fixed: - Player Customization Options for most Species. - Species Stat Migration...
  4. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 04/26/2019

    - Force armor will now properly give 1% per rank - force intim 1 raised to 200 force. Range lowered to 32 meters - throwGrenade lowered to 1.1 down from 1.25 - ls accuracy bonus through frs has be reduced by 50% - enhancer resist states from 50 to 40 - choke scaling reduced. Max from 300 to...
  5. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 04/20/2019

    Added: - NGE Deco to Axkva Min Instance building - New Arena Handling System - Team vs Team Sub-Handler - Non LOS layouts for both current arena templates - Arena planet atmospherics polish (sky, clouds, weather) - Ground work for new Mounts - Lots of Instance groundwork (objects...
  6. Sudo

    Patch notes - 4/10/2019

    Doc and Jedi cross faction healing Some crafted pet food adjustements Force shield now has force drain mitigation Tons more arena preparation for initial release 4 New rare world bosses New Master Musician songs Swing Zydeco Calypso Carnival Pop Dirge (Warfront Remix) Mos Eisley has been...
  7. Sudo

    Need an Admin to Activate my Account

    Your game account doesn't have to be verified, creating game accounts is done using a different link (you just created a forum account). Please create your game account here: Also make sure you fill out the captcha or your account won't be created.
  8. Sudo

    automatic registration disabled?

    I figure you got this figured out due to some of your other posts on the forum but if you are still having issues, let me know.
  9. Sudo

    Register Account?

    Hi there, Game accounts are created on a separate page from forum accounts, please register an account here: If this is where you registered an account, please try registering once more, and ensure you complete the captcha at the bottom or your account will...
  10. Sudo

    GCW and jedi.

    You have to either become glowy by the original method of obtaining badges, doing themeparks, etc, or you can do the custom quests that are mentioned in the player guides section in Discord, then you have to do the Village, although the Village is sped up with 4 hour phases and you only need 4...
  11. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 3/10/2019

    Last patch didn't take effect, it should be in effect now Certification for 2h Sith saber is fixed
  12. Sudo

    Trying to register

    Think we covered this in Discord, let me know if you have any further issues.
  13. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 3/8/2019

    Bio Engineer BE pet crafts have been updated to allow pets to be crafted a long similar lines of higher end tamed pets. This includes HAM, resists, armor value, accuracy etc. Max level remains at 75 for now Sampling DNA quality results have been slightly increased to the BEs favor Lowered...
  14. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 3/1/2019

    Ore mining units and light power core units can now be ran in a factory crate Fixed a bug where saber spin 3 was not splitting pools properly Guild sponsorship no longer requires you to be at the guild hall
  15. Sudo

    Trying to register

  16. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/25/2019

    Force Choke mind damage lowered 200-300 per tick to 150-200 An animation delay of 3’s has been added to drain Saber Flurry 1 and Dervish 1 now have the same state chance as frenzy normalizing 4th tier Saber2hPhantom state chance lowered to 90 90 90 from 95 95 95 blind dizzy stun Squad leader...
  17. Sudo

    Trying to register

    I'm assuming you figured this out since I've seen you around in Discord and stuff but let me know if you still need help.
  18. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/16/2019

    Love-Day Solo: - Chests Now Spawn @ Boss locations on boss Death (bonus chest remains by exit) - Reward Chest drops amended to include less junk and greater odds of deco - HAM, Armor and XP reduced in Candy Graul - XP reduced on candy pharple - HAM reduced on Pigmy Cupid - Firestar Carbine...
  19. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/11/19

    Expanded on kill reporting and fight club detection Removed unwanted values in force drain causing larger than intended drains, drain for now does 50% more at master Enhancer and drains 50% less vs a Master Enhancer for a max of 150 possible return Force resist states 60 > 50 as this was making...
  20. Sudo

    Patch Notes - 2/7/2019

    Apologies in advance for the formatting, I have to go to bed. I'll fix it tomorrow. Patch notes 2/7 New Player species added! -account character limit increased to 8 -online character count increased to 3 (Staff cannot and will not do race changes for existing character) All wearables and...