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In Game GM Community Officers

IS this a valid idea?

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Mar 1, 2019
Just a though back to the BF days, don't hate me!

There were a couple of in game GM types that would pop in and just chat with the community, help solve issues, port stuck players and moderate the language and behaviour etc in general chat, there were also a couple that had enhanced capabilities to be able to throw the odd event/community smack down and just create a strong sense of belonging to something.

No other server ive been to has replicated that, I know a lot of people would soon hear that there were active community staff about to talk to that throw random smack downs, ports in, rez buffs provided, it was great fun and people used to pop in just for a chat and talk game mechanics or in most cases general rubbish..

But.. it was a good vibe and i cant be the only one left thinking its lacking on most servers out there, just thought it was worth popping on here...

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