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Patch Notes – 07/09/2018


Warfront Developer
Staff member
Jan 13, 2019
  • Added Fight clubbing detection
  • Fixed enclave permissions
  • Fixed some looping animations
  • Yavin IV world bosses updates
  • 9 factional and neutral mini bosses spawn around the 3 Jedi temple POIs. Placement and npc spawns are random. As they are killed a new spawn or another npc will occur at a new location. (Bosses may also be targets of the glowie questline that starts in Eisley)
  • Added small PvE Currency gains to Yavin Bosses
  • Reworked and cleaned up glowie quest line conversations for ease and clarification. These quests are off the record and won’t show in your journal.

  • More removal of choke from npc skill tables
  • Rebalanced custom weapon crafting component drops
  • Added new dot weapons to boss loot tables
  • Added PVE Currency to more elite npcs such as dark Jedi masters
  • Small weapon crafting balance
  • PSG crafts lightsaber protection values increased to match Test Center PSGs
  • Adjusted stats to starter ubese set
  • Adjusted accuracy to base mine crafts
  • Adjusted armor values and damage values for large base turrets
  • Extended duration of poison and disease resist buff crafts