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Patch Notes – 08/20/2018


Warfront Developer
Staff member
Jan 13, 2019
  • Saberblock will now function properly at 65% base in pvp, scales to 85% with frs
  • Damage on Force Choke increased
  • Dizzy on animal attack increased for 3-6 sec
  • Force cost on mind blast lowered
  • Fixed error in jedi state defense calculation preventing it from working properly
  • Armor will now properly mitigate damage while bounty shield, Standfast or Stasis are active
  • Force meditate reduced by 30%
  • GCW xp will no longer drop below -1
  • Jedi Padawans will no longer show up on bounty hunter terminals unless they have a player placed bounty
  • Slicing update. Minimum slice value for weapons and armor have been raised at gcw smuggler novice, gcw smuggler 05, and gcw smuggler master. (Ie Master smuggler slices weapons at 20%-35%, gcw novice 23%-35%, smuggler 05 26%-35%, gcw Master 29%-35%, similar % break down to armor slice values). In addition standard smuggler Master slight increase to minimum armor slice.
  • 5th gen sabers useable at respective 444x lightsaber boxes, however crafting requirements remain at master box
  • Crystal tune rates to better match creature level
  • Pve boss/ancient Krayt/ns elder level adjustments and loot reworks/clean up to produce better results vs difficulty/time
  • Added to and reworked pve RLS loot boxes, PvP vendor gold loot roll and pve vendor gold loot roll
  • Small removal of non functional/redundant SEA stats to clean up tables. (May need a second sweep based off input)