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Patch Notes – 09/21/2018


Warfront Developer
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Jan 13, 2019
**Galactic Transmission**
Tatooine- All Troops and citizens be on high alert. Tusken Raider Brutes have been seen in close proximity to Mos Eisley. These primitive savages usually stay in the deep desert and are known for raiding small settlements. It’s been reported they’ve somehow been armed with more modern weaponry and may be mobilizing. Intentions are unknown at this time but intel points to an imminent attack.
**End Broadcast**

“It’s been two decades since the Imperial take over and the Jedi purge. Darth Krayt, once known as Jedi Knight A’Sharad Hett, sits on his tusken throne. His ability to hide amongst these savages and lead them has so far been successful. The tuskens have shown potential and the force touches all living things, even them. As the Empire gains more footing on Tatooine and the Hutt cartel seems to buckle under their rule, it’s time to take back the planet. His eyes are set on Mos Eisley. He sends one of his most promising Disciples and a tusken squadron to test the Imperial ranks and to take the city. It’s not yet time to unveil himself or his true motives…”

Phase 1. Tatooine tusken story arc.
  • tusken forces will be found around the perimeter of Mos Eisley
  • defending Eisley from the tusken forces will periodically proc a boss event with in the city
  • new loot including weapon crafts
  • Glowie quest: bosses now have AI and can and will wander
  • PvE timer work.
  • Acklay: 30 min
  • Dwb bosses 30 min
  • Elders at NS string hold: 15 minutes
  • Krayt graveyard: 15 minutes