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Patch Notes – 11/17/2018


Warfront Developer
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Jan 13, 2019
Please close all game windows and restart your launchers before logging back in!

Axkva Min and the Nightsisters:

"Possessing a Codex of Tython fragment, Axkva Min and her loyal followers have been locked away in the Chamber of Banishment, guarded by their own Nightsisters. If Axkva were to escape and attempt to use the historic Jedi Holocron, the effects on the planet and galaxy could be catastrophic… Axkva Min and her followers need to be destroyed and the artifact must be retrieved before it’s too late.

The gateway to the Chamber of Banishment is located deep within the Dathomir Nighsisters stronghold and is heavily protected. Fight your way in and help me put an end to Axkva’s threat once and for all!


  • Axkva Min heroic instance is now live! The entrance is located at the bottom of the Nightsister Stronghold POI on Dathomir.
  • Vanilla Pre-CU Axkva Min has been removed and replaced with an elder
  • Moon festival undead instance and city decorations have been removed for the season

  • /grouploot is now usable by group leaders to set group loot rights
  • RIS armor is now color changeable after craft
  • Ithorian Sentinel Armor is now color changeable after craft
  • Assist command should now properly function
  • New lootable decoration items, weapon crafts, and crafting components
  • New NPC and gear models added for new and future content
  • New functions and mechanics added for screenplays and instances
  • Snares and roots now properly display and function

  • Minor code cleanup to prevent errors
  • Fixed issue with IG-88 heroic instance causing potential server crash upon being ejected before finishing