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Patch Notes – 11/24/2018


Warfront Developer
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Jan 13, 2019
Jedi Balance Patch


  • +5 ls toughness to master powers
  • Removed 5 block from mls added it to xxx1 ls
  • 4444 boxes of defender+ master defender received +1 ls and Jedi toughness
  • you must unlearn and relearn these skill boxes in order for your skill sheet to update
  • Healallother1 -225 fc 1000 heal
  • Healallother2- 375 (down from 550) fc 2500 heal
  • Healallself1-150/1000
  • Healallself2- 250/2000 (upped from 1500)
  • Total heals other – 450-600 fc 6500 heal. (Was 300 plus 20 per state/dot x modifier) Refactored costs on states and dots to be closer to flat rate (over all force cost reduction on skill)
  • Total heal self= 250-350fc/full heal. (Was 200 plus 15 per state/dot x modifierp)Refactored costs on states and dots to be closer to flat rate. (over all force cost reduction on skill)
  • Single pool self heals 1- 50fc/500 heal (reduces fc)
  • Single pool self heals 2- 125fc/1500 heal (increased heal amount for force spent)
  • Peace now has 10 second cool down
  • Force intim 1-is for target 64 meter range. 45 second duration
  • Force intim 2- area attack 16 meter range. 60 second duration
  • Channel force 30% increase
  • Drain force cd increased from 3-5 seconds
  • Meditate slight increase to regen time calculation
  • Regain consciousness buff time increased, cool down increased
  • Many pve bosses and npcs refactored lightsaber resists to bring Jedi into a more competitive place

Quality of Life:
  • Logging out in Nova Orion will no longer keep your toon in world while LD in Mos Eisley. Nor should players end up in space.
  • Timer displays for Instance lock outs added to port droids
  • There are many more balancing adjustments on the list and will cover most professions