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Patch Notes - 2/7/2019

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Jan 13, 2019
Apologies in advance for the formatting, I have to go to bed. I'll fix it tomorrow.

Patch notes 2/7
New Player species added!
-account character limit increased to 8
-online character count increased to 3
(Staff cannot and will not do race changes for existing character)

All wearables and weapons have been updated to include new species

Buff bracelets have been reworked to be more inline with current server buffs.

-pve and pvp medical buffs have had their strength increased by rank (reminder that your template effects the value, more medical skill boxes, better the result)

-pve and pvp buff bracelets have all had duration increased

-ent bracelet strength not adjusted as values are close to actual ent buffs

Fr1 1.5 speed non strippable
Fr2 2.5 > 2.25 strippable
Fr3 3.5> 2.75 useable in combat strippable, damage reduction remains on all fr abilities
Force resist staes 25>60
lowers FRS scaling with jedi sate def and force resist states 1.5>1.0 based on manipulation
Regain consciousness buffs 3000>4000 1h
Force drain reworked drain will now drain 50% more at master enhancer and +25% more with frs, but will drain 50% less against a Menhancer and 25% less if they are FRS
locked minimum FRS/GCW gains to 1k
general code clean up for stability

Female Zabrak animations have been reduced to their normal speeds.
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