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Patch Notes - 3/8/2019

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Warfront Developer
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Jan 13, 2019
  • Bio Engineer
    • BE pet crafts have been updated to allow pets to be crafted a long similar lines of higher end tamed pets. This includes HAM, resists, armor value, accuracy etc. Max level remains at 75 for now
    • Sampling DNA quality results have been slightly increased to the BEs favor
  • Lowered secondary State calculation 100>90 to ensure states always have a chance to apply.
  • Bleed tick time lowered from 20s -10s
  • Added 60s cooldown to Avoid Incapacitation, this starts when AI is activated
  • Throw Grenade damage 1.0 > 1.25 area range 10 > 15m
  • FireAcid single and cone 1&2 speed lowered 3 - 2
  • FireAcid single 2 blind added at 85
  • Unarmed Hit 3 damage 3.5 > 4.0
  • Fixed Defense Acuity for TKA not firing - SWGEMU
  • Leaderboards pre work - wip
  • Fixed the issue where players were being limited to 2 online at a time - 3 can be logged in at any given time now

New PvP buff and debuff system
  • Buffs will now persist through PvP death
  • PvP debuff will last for 8 min in which all actions will be locked out
  • The debuff will apply on deathblow not clone, laying dead and not cloning will run the debuff timer
  • Regain Consciousness will remove the PvP debuff
  • Revive Player now costs 1000 mind, Grogginess debuff removed, removes PvP debuff on res and now has a 15 min CD
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